Joy-Mari Cloete /dʒ/ɔɪ/- /m̩/ɪ/ɹ/ i/   /k/ l/ʊ/t/ɪ/


1. Feisty, opinionated word tamer

2. 26-year-old aesthete

3. Found at arty companies

4. Hedonistic heathen with a loud laugh

5. A loner with great interest in books, love and culture


5 Responses to “About me”

  1. John the baptiste Says:

    Hey Joy,
    How curiously engaging it was having coffee with you. You blog it beautiful and I look forward to hosting my own now too. cheers JtB 😉

  2. rafiq Says:

    6. Has ze ability to have her comments bypassing moderation as if it were magic.

  3. Hey, Rafiq

    Yes, I am ze genius 😉

  4. Wordacious Says:

    Hello Joy-Mari,

    I just came across your blog while I was looking for a new blogging name for myself.

    Your blog is great and so is your name.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    1. Hi, Wordacious.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been on a blogging hiatus but have a couple of ideas for new posts. I’ll be back soon, I promise.


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