Whenever I get bored I post a Gumtree ad. I’m sure I blogged about this last year. So that’s what I did sometime last week after too much of the vino. I got a few responses but none of them seemed promising. And then I realised that these guys won’t ever get lucky. Not with me and not with anyone else: the quality of their writing is so awful. Check fer yerself. I laughed very long and very hard at all these mails but the last dude’s email is a gem. Um, I dunno, how’s R3439u37y734834 a second?

Responses to my ad:

is that seriouse add???
r u areal person,,,,
i hope i can chat with u ,,,,but nothing serious


Hi, i’m Herve, i’m 49. I work on the ship in Cap Town. If you want to joint me to go to the bar or restaurant, we cant talk and will see what append. Bye bye




I am one of the guys , who like ur profile and will want be call urs


pink or brown?


i’m difficult and full of sh@t – i know who i want – if you’re not white and dont shave , i’d like to chat and see where this goes


Great, send a pic and the price.