Oh, just stop already. Yes, there are horrific sites out there and there are people who abuse apostrophes and all. Sometimes, though, you just have to grit your teeth and read the content. </end long-winded rant>

I’ve been reading many Sphinn articles lately. It’s a niche site for internet marketing news. A great article isn’t that article with perfect use of which and that. Nor is a perfect article the one that has the best subject-verb agreement. A great article is one with good grammar and  ideas that inform its readers.

I started smoking cigars earlier this year. So I tried to find a blog that discusses cigars. I found many but they all lacked good writing skills. Not just in the grammar department, but also for general internet writing. I’m sure I could learn much from those blogs but I was too filled with disgust at them not knowing the difference between it’s and its. So I stopped reading those cigar blogs.

And now I wonder: am I missing out on amazing content? I know I’ll miss out on good articles on Sphinn if I sneer at bad writing. Those people aren’t that concerned with grammar; they’re want to spread ideas. And unfortunately for us grammar democrats (I’m a grammar democrat, Gustav!), they do it in a rush.

So what I’ll do from now on is to give the blog or writer a chance. I’ll try to look past the unorthodox spellings and focus on the message instead. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, though. But it’s an ongoing effort so I had to remind myself of it once again.