Two or three weekends ago I did something I have been longing for: I had tea at Melissa’s in Kloof Street. It was a fabulous Saturday morning and I once again spoiled myself by reading all the magazines available. Isn’t it great when one can do that? Paying R20 for a pot of tea (yes, indeed) seems worth it when I can read Vanity Fair, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, art, and decor magazines.

I picked up the Fair Lady and started reading here and there, turning the pages as I go along. And then I read a blurb that describes the Phaidon Press Wallpaper* City Guides.

They claim these guides are ‘discreet enough to fit in your handbag‘.

I was confused. Why did they call it ‘discreet’? I couldn’t understand why they chose this word. Do they want us to know the guide is not tacky? But why? We all know that Wallpaper is Wallpaper, and that they are a reputable brand, right?

Yes, their website also uses ‘discreet’, but not in the same type of sentence.

Perhaps they meant ‘discrete’, which means compact. That would make the Fair Lady blurb easier to understand, though it could just mean that I’m a bit dof.