I browse single ads every once in a while. My skill at picking up men has improved a bit. Sometimes I meet men in Fego, sometimes I even meet cute Israeli okes at Vida. But it is fun to read Gumtree ads and sometimes I respond to them.

I thought that I’ll write about this and offer you guys some tips. But instead of telling you what to write and what to do, I’ll write about what puts me off.

1. Not reading my ad. If I call myself a ’26-year-old non-supermodel type’, it could mean that I am 26 years old. So why do you still ask me how old I am?
2. Not using a spell check or a dictionary. I’m not the only one who appreciates a well-written email. It doesn’t have to be a 9304384-word email; a few short sentences will do. I’ll forgive a few spelling mistakes but might not be as forgiving over bad grammar.
3. Do not use text speak. Yes, I do love using internet acronyms but this does not mean you may use them in an email to me.
4. Find something in my ad that appealed to you and tell me. Use humour. Be smart. Be bold. Be anything but *yawn* and bland.
And that’s all, really. It’s not that difficult to impress me. I love a good chuckle as much as I like good writing.