I have spent lots of time reading Brazen Careerist these last two or three months.  I read something that made me think. Well, with her blog, I’m always reading something that makes me think. Or cry. But this was extra special.

Am I too critical of typos? Do they really detract that much from a message if I can understand what the writer means? Or is the writer arrogant to think that everyone will understand?

From now on I will try to read something without sneering at the many typos. Yes, even if a Rhodes journalist with a 4-year degree wrote it for Women24.com. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

From now on I will try to look at the value of the idea and not focus on the misspellings. This will be difficult, it will almost be impossible but I can do it. I know I’m right — writers should take more care with their work, but perhaps I should ease up a bit.

And no, I’m not referring to one little typo in a well-written article; I’m talking about your everyday Women24.com article filled with misspellings and more. I will look past the horrors and focus on the message. I’m not perfect. Sometimes I focus more on the placement of semi-colons than on the message. Which is worse?