It’s been one of those evenings. Well, it’s been one of those evenings sans the glass of good red. And it’s been productive: I added six new blogs to my RSS reader. Or Atom reader, whichever it is I used. Four of these new blogs are language or writing related; two of them are to do with religion. And only one of these blogs is South African. Welcome to my RSS reader, Tauriq.

I’m not sure how to phrase this, but it seems Americans are far more interested in language and writing than the rest of us. I can not find a single South African language/grammar/spelling/writing blog. And please excuse my gratuitous use of slashes. I’m a copywriter, so I have a lot of time available to trawl the interwebs at work. This means that I  read many blogs en goetertjies about grammar.

I would rejoice at the sight of a South Efrican blog (that’s an intentional misspelling, I promise) in this category. I’m doing a search on Amatomu right now, hoping to discover one or two gems that I can treasure. Nothing. Only one or two references to grammar and a funny post about apostrophes. Or was it the picture that got a chuckle out of me?

If you are the author of a language/grammar/spelling/writing blog with the .za domain, I’d be very interested to read it; please send me the URL. Or if you can recommend any other well written South African publication that I absolutely need to read, give me a shout here.